Our Team

The essence of Lala Jugal Kishore Constructions is teamwork, where we all function as one, working independently towards a shared goal.

Great things are rarely accomplished by a single individual, but by a group of dedicated individuals, and when everyone is oriented to the same goal, teams progress faster, are more ingenious, and are more successful.

Arpit Rastogi


Mr. Arpit Rastogi is the leading light of LJK Construction, with a remarkable blend of drive, curiosity, and multi-dimensional business organizational skills. He is extremely focused on the all-around growth of the company and adds a breath of new air to the LJKC team. He is a visionary with advanced business acumen who graduated from University of Lucknow. Growing up with the sensibilities of his ancestors, he is deemed a connoisseur of the old art by his peers.

His stellar strengths include leadership abilities, a relentless drive of perfection, inspiring and encouraging his team members to work and dedicate themselves to a common goal.

Tanya Rastogi


Ms. Tanya Rastogi is an infusion of fresh creative energy into the concrete structure of LJKC. Her project execution expertise, combined with her unwavering commitment, exemplify perseverance. She holds fuel to the enthusiasm and adds to the zeal of the company. She adds a touch of elegance to the Lala Jugal Kishore Constructions brand. LJKC gains remarkable professional momentum under her innovative leadership. She also holds position of Director of Indian Bullion Jeweller Association (IBJA).

Shekher Mishra


When it comes to the real estate industry, our Director, Mr. Shekhar Mishra, needs no introduction. He is the man behind multiple successful real estate developments in Lucknow. As a project execution specialist with an unshakeable passion for infrastructure projects, he is dynamism embodied. Mr. Mishra has proven himself an astonishing leader by creating a successful team of industry experts. His efforts are built on the foundations of integrity and excellence, and he is a believer of long-term relationships with Stakeholders and Clients.