Lucknow has always been in the process of transitioning from old to new.

The city, inhabited on the banks of the Gomti River, is a magnificent place that transitions from old to new within a matter of kilometres. The historical monuments that make up the city’s centre contrast with the glass and steel facades of modern structures. The traditional bazaars continue to draw visitors due to their variety, but modern age city dwellers choose sophisticated malls. For years, the serene locales, contemporary infrastructure, and laid-back lifestyle have enticed individuals from all over to make this city their home, and its allure has only strengthened with time.

Lucknow is presently one of the most significant cities in the country. Thanks to a proactive administration, Lucknow is currently flourishing in various industries such as retailing, manufacturing, and information technology after ensuring its place among India’s smart cities. With the construction of new infrastructure, the city is drawing numerous developers and homebuyers as a natural corollary. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider buying a good property in Lucknow.

Lucknow Metro

As India’s economies grow, transportation became increasingly congested. Lucknow, on the other hand, was spared due to the foresight of infrastructural authorities. The metro rail construction was started ahead of schedule, allowing the city to be ready when traffic congestion would have been a problem. It makes getting around the city a lot easier.

Connectivity to the World

Lucknow has a modern international airport and a railway station that is well-connected to practically every city in India. Both of these locations, unlike most other cities, offer good connectivity to the rest of the city. The Shaheed path, which connects the city’s built sections to the airport, is a testament to city planners’ foresight.

Recreational Facilities

Recreational facilities – There are numerous sites in Lucknow where one can spend a day relaxing or participating in a favourite hobby. Two cricket stadiums in the city, the most recent of which, the Atal Behari Vajpayee Stadium, has hosted international cricket matches, have brought India’s most popular sport to its citizens in a spectacular way. The museums, cinema halls, and a slew of other attractions ensure that there is never a dull moment in this city.

Educational and Medical Infrastructure

Medical and educational infrastructure — When it comes to educational and medical infrastructure, this city is right up there with India’s top metros. Lucknow offers peace of mind like no other similar city in India, with top schools and institutions, an IIM, and AIIMS equivalent hospital, and many top-notch private hospitals. The city gives the finest setting for a youngster to participate in a variety of activities while studying for a diverse development.

Modern Retail
Lucknow residents have adopt modern retail culture from heart. People have been drawn to new malls such as Phoenix and the Fun Republic, which have introduced them to the best national and international brands. This city is as charming as it gets, with the ubiquitous trendy city inhabitant merging with the individuals dressed in traditional clothes.

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Here are a few simple tips to follow.

Make Space for Plants into your home

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Save Water

Water is a significant source of health and prosperity, according to Vastu, and its waste can cause serious health problems. Keeping a dish of water for birds and stray animals is an amazing Vastu treatment that can improve your health.

Store Food in the right Place

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Burn Camphor

Burning camphor at least once a week at home can assist to clear negative energy. The air can be efficiently purified with a neem or lemongrass blend.

Have a Clutter-free entrance

A clutter-free, neat, and well-dusted entrance attracts positivity into a home. Every day, wipe the entrance with rock salt-infused water to keep it from becoming a neglected zone that draws negativity.

Keep Fruits in display

A fruit basket can help reduce anxiety. A magnificent basket of colourful fruits placed on the centre table might encourage a healthy lifestyle. Placing a picture of the same in a prominent location in your home can also help to promote good energy.

Allow Light into your homes

A brightly lit entrance, whether naturally or artificially, creates a positive atmosphere in the home. A window next to the entryway can be structurally included, or a lamp or Diya can be placed outside the entrance to provide ample light.

Keep Positivity Around

Remove all art that depicts pain, misery, or sorrow from the living room to block the bad energy flow. To avoid the accumulation of negativity in the home, any broken objects, such as photo frames or mirrors, and electronics that no longer work should be removed immediately.