8 Vastu tips for a Healthy Home in 2022

Well-being is the most widely discussed topic around the globe. With the pandemic still progressing, everyone is searching for ways to stay healthy and safe. Vastu can be a valuable resource for you and your loved ones.

Here are a few simple tips to follow.

Make Space for Plants into your home

There is nothing better than having plants at home to purify the indoor atmosphere and boost mental health—they help liven up your surroundings. Basil or Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Ficus, Pothos or Money Plant, and Areca Palm are some of the Vastu-verified varieties.

Save Water

Water is a significant source of health and prosperity, according to Vastu, and its waste can cause serious health problems. Keeping a dish of water for birds and stray animals is an amazing Vastu treatment that can improve your health.

Store Food in the right Place

Grains and other foods should be stored in the kitchen’s southwest corner to bring good luck and prosperity, as well as promote healthy eating habits, which are truly necessary.

Burn Camphor

Burning camphor at least once a week at home can assist to clear negative energy. The air can be efficiently purified with a neem or lemongrass blend.

Have a Clutter-free entrance

A clutter-free, neat, and well-dusted entrance attracts positivity into a home. Every day, wipe the entrance with rock salt-infused water to keep it from becoming a neglected zone that draws negativity.

Keep Fruits in display

A fruit basket can help reduce anxiety. A magnificent basket of colourful fruits placed on the centre table might encourage a healthy lifestyle. Placing a picture of the same in a prominent location in your home can also help to promote good energy.

Allow Light into your homes

A brightly lit entrance, whether naturally or artificially, creates a positive atmosphere in the home. A window next to the entryway can be structurally included, or a lamp or Diya can be placed outside the entrance to provide ample light.

Keep Positivity Around

Remove all art that depicts pain, misery, or sorrow from the living room to block the bad energy flow. To avoid the accumulation of negativity in the home, any broken objects, such as photo frames or mirrors, and electronics that no longer work should be removed immediately.