6 amenities to look for while buying property

Every home is a reflection of the person who lives there. While this statement may be exaggerated, there is some truth in it. In the recent decade, the tendency has shifted from single-family homes to full-fledged gated communities and townships. Nonetheless, the fundamentals of purchasing a property are mostly unchanged.

As a homebuyer, you must consider important factors such as location, budgets, and the builder’s profile, among others. However, the one thing you engage with on a daily basis – is the list of amenities supplied by builders and the elements that make everyday life easier.

Amenities to look at before buying a property

24/7 Security

In a modern residential building, personal and family security is at the top of the priority list. A multi-tier security system is essential in the present era, as people travel great distances and even between cities/countries. Good quality door locks, video door phones, intercom capability, CCTV cameras, high perimeter walls with fencing, and skilled security personnel should all be included in the security system.


Bonding with your neighbours is an important part of living in a happy neighbourhood. A common congregation area is one of the greatest places to achieve this. A clubhouse is an excellent way to meet new people, make friends, and create a pleasant living environment in your complex.

Swimming Pool and Gym

In today’s fast-paced, career-oriented world, exercise is extremely vital. The most serious issue is a lack of drive to exercise. If your apartment complex includes a well-equipped gym and/or swimming pool, it’s the ideal way to stay fit and healthy. In fact, it’s a great way to meet other fitness buffs and work on getting in shape together.

Children’s Play area

Parents are constantly concerned that their children will get injured while playing. Choose a property with a separate children’s play area. It should be car-free and include high-quality play equipment, like sand or soft flooring. This not only helps the children live a healthy lifestyle but also aids in the development of their cognitive abilities.

Landscaped Garden

Gardens that have been landscaped are more than just attractive to look at. They serve a variety of purposes, from providing an active green lung for the housing complex to providing a relaxing environment for a post-dinner stroll, but their presence within a gated community is enough. Many landscaped gardens have dedicated senior citizen sit-out places as well as mud tracks created around them for those early morning runs.

Car Parking

When looking for an apartment, covered parking is a critical consideration. If you have more than one car in the family, you can also inquire about additional parking and its fee. It’s unsafe to park your car in an unguarded spot outside the apartment, and if you do, you’ll be awake all night.